About Us

About Volcano Guest House

We have been operating and developing our Volcano bed and breakfast in Volcano, Hawaii, since 1986. Each cabin and house is a jewel of Alan’s custom finish work, while the farm and gardens are Bonnie’s passion. A perfect get-away for couples, families or groups.

We are here to advise you on Volcano Village activities, show you around the place, loan what you need, or give advice on the perfect restaurant for you. Or eat in. We not only provide bed and breakfast, but completely flexible meal accommodations. Every cottage also has a kitchen if you choose to cook your own meals.

Owners Bonnie and Alan come from Hawaii missionary descendants, Hawaiian-history and Hawaii agriculture legacies, over generations. Alan built some of the most cherished homes in Volcano. Bonnie created the Community Gardens of Honolulu, and launched community planning throughout Puna and Ka’u. There is no other lodging – B&B, hotel, Inn or vacation rental – on Hawaii Island that offer such genuine local hospitality, with such an intimate, personal authentic environment.

This tiny village reflects a lifetime of work. Bonnie and Alan camped out here in 1979 and began renting their first cottage to visitors in 1986. Volcano Guest House was the second bed and breakfast in Volcano Village and the second residence in this rain forest subdivision. Bonnie and Alan raised their own and fostered children here, along with dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, cows, fish, pumpkins, potatoes, oranges, bananas, roses, greens, grapes and figs! Bonnie organized the famous Sunday morning Volcano Village farmers’ market back in 1988.

For the last 15 years the retirement cottages of friends and relatives have grown the Volcano Guest House village.
From the beginning in 1986, Volcano Guest House has sustainability evolved to be as eco-friendly as possible. The Breakfast Lanai /spa is remodeled from the original 1983 greenhouse for gardening, laundry hanging, and kids’ playhouse. Electric lines did not arrive until just a few years before opening. Solar water and 12-volt solar electric panels started this family out. This was eco-friendly and green before ecotourism was even a word, and before green was more than a color.

We now have a dedicated greenhouse laundry center for line-drying your linens in the sun and breezes. Reliable solar hot water. Volcano is cool, so each lodging has heaters. Each bed has an electric mattress pad, for the most energy-efficient way to stay warm and toasty while enjoying the high altitude tropical native rainforest environment unique to Hawaii. As Volcano Guest House has grown to a mini eco resort, over 35 years here in Volcano Hawaii, eco-friendly hotels and resorts have followed a trend to sustainable practices that grew naturally here out of the owners’ way of life.

Bonnie and Alan operate Ohana-style, which means that our housekeeping and yard helpers, along with the relatives and friends moving into our little Volcano village, are part of our Ohana, our extended family. We all pitch in to help you feel comfortable, help with special needs, and make it easy for you to participate in recycling, energy-saving comfort, and the elegance of real simplicity.

We are usually busy running around the property tending to animals, cooking in the kitchen, or more, so you can always text us to get a hold of us for anything you need! 808-936-3623 for Bonnie. 808-937-8998 for Alan