Activities in Volcano Hawaii

Activities In Volcano Hawaii

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has a site that includes a downloadable travel guide. Click here

Hawaii Volcano Observatory of the U.S. Geological Survey has a great site with plenty of current European information and background. You can print out their stuff to use as a travel guide when you are at the eruption site and elsewhere around this island volcanic laboratory. Click here

Watch the gas plumes from the Halemaumau vent and the Pu’u O’o current eruptive vent, on a map updated several times daily, by the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Around Volcano Village
Volcano Garden Arts is right in Volcano Village and has a great collection of art, jewelry, and gifts, owned by artist Ira Ono.

Volcano Art Center is a gallery for local artists in Hawaii Volcano National Park. It also offers a wide variety of programs, including hula and Hawaiian crafts.

Local Businesses
Hilo Coffee Mill is halfway down the hill to Keaau, and is very busy these days processing, packing and selling coffee from the dozens of new small coffee farms springing up in Puna and Ka’u. a great place to stop.

FukuBonsai is a bonsai nursery, training center, and bonsai mail order business in Kurtistown, between Volcano and Hilo. They have some truly amazing old trees in various styles. If you aren’t familiar with bonsai, you can see some on their site.

Other Activities – The Big Island’s more complete and up-to-date listing of events on the island!

Private guiding services: Akamai Adventure Tours & Travel based out of Hilo and Volcano Village

Oahu Nature Tours specializes in small, guided excursions to see Hawaii’s unique native bird and plant species. Spectacular views, excellent photographic opportunities, and information about Hawaii’s Geology, Archaeology, Mythology and History. Oahu Nature Tours is committed to work towards the continued enjoyment and existence of our magnificent but endangered natural treasures.

Adventures in Paradise: Sea Kayak & Snorkeling Adventures on the Kona coast


Going Green
Eco-tropical Resorts is the only eco lodging site we know of that verifies that the lodging goes beyond options to keep your towels overnight.

Alternative Hawaii is a great website to find ecotourism resources in Hawaii.
Annette’s Adventures follows the principles of ecotourism, which means protecting the local ecosystems and cultures through responsible travel. Her specialty is putting together tour packages to Hawaii’s unique, off-the-beaten-track places of natural and cultural significance, by finding interesting outings and excursions and reasonably-priced travel options throughout the islands.

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Our Visitors Suggest…

I volunteered with a couple groups last semester that are dedicated organizations who work to better the community through volunteering and health awareness:, raises awareness on the dangers of addiction and helps local communities stay drug-free and Vaping Daily, who also supports the cause of promoting a healthier lifestyle through education and awareness